About Us


Who We Are


Valjean Enterprises, LLC, of Farmville, North Carolina, is an affiliate of a nationwide organization of independent professional healthcare recruiters. We have over twenty-five years of experience communicating with the business community as a Business Analyst and as a Marketing Director for a Data Processing Consulting firm.

We now specialize in the recruitment and placement of Healthcare Professionals with healthcare organizations throughout the country. We are committed to creating a win-win situation between the best qualified healthcare professionals and the Organizations that seek their services.


What We Do


With our Clients we perform an in depth identification of their needs, taking into consideration their short and long term goals. We determine their preferences and what they are willing to offer potential employees, in terms of career possibilities and compensation.

With our proprietary software we are able to access candidates anywhere in the country and selectively match their qualifications with the Organizationís requirements. In our interviewing process we are able to determine their level of expertise, their dedication, and their career goals.

When we have determined we have a perfect match,
                                  We Bring Them All Together
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